Academic case study of content analysis using ARC data

  • Requirement – Australian Universities and academies want to gain insights into the patterns that might be discerned in successful ARC research grants.  The objective is to assist research analysts in developing strategies that are aligned with ARC priorities and individual researchers in crafting research applications that maximise the probability of success.
  • Solution – A Codifynd compendium made up of 20 years of publicly available ARC grant data was generated based on the abstracts of successful projects and related metadata.  Access to the compendium is provided through university research portfolios and to policy analysts in the academies.  Codifynd enables researchers to expose patterns in the content extracted from ARC project abstracts, not just the metadata. It allows one to see relationships and networks that go far beyond the FOR codes and keywords associated with each project. Analysts can pose general questions on the relative performance and trends across disciplines and institutions. Researchers can identify successful projects, within their own or across other fields of research, which exhibited themes intersecting or aligned with their own research.  Codifynd is assisting researchers in identifying research facets and cross discipline collaborations that are best aligned with the emergent patterns in ARC funding decisions.

Refer to the ARC Case Study below for example research questions. You can try out these yourself with the Codifynd Basics guide.