Codifynd Basics


To get started using Codifynd you must first set the scope for your enquiry using the Node Browser.

  1. Select Node Browser from the browser dropdown menu.

  2. Click through the branching nodes to refine your scope.
    You can switch to list view if there are too many nodes to explore on the map.

    As you refine your scope, the themes within that scope will be displayed on the right.


Once you have set the scope, you can select the themes and entities you want to explore.

  1. Select a theme on the right to see the nodes and content context in which that theme occurs.
    You can search for a theme if it’s hard to find.

Select multiple thematics

  1. Toggle Select multiple thematics to choose more than one theme at once.

  2. Select Overlapping results to see the nodes in which all these are attested, or All results to see the nodes that feature any of the chosen themes.

Select named entities

  1. Toggle Named entity recognition to filter themes to show only those that are recognised as named entities (i.e. people, locations, or organisations).

  2. Select Person, Location, or Organisation to filter the entities further.


The results pane shows nodes in which the selected theme(s) are attested. Each node result has a contextual extract of content and a calculated sentiment, which can be positive, neutral, or negative.

You can also press Create a WORD document at the bottom of the pane to export a WORD document with formatted results.

You can also set the scope and select themes by performing a search.

  1. Select Advanced search.

  2. In the Structure tab, select checkboxes next to nodes to set your scope.

  3. In the Keyword tab, search for themes you would like to explore and select them using the checkboxes.

  4. Press Search.
    Search results will be shown on the right.

Export results

  1. Above the search results, press Create a WORD document to export a WORD document with a list of the results.
  2. Alternatively, press Export to export a .csv file.