Government case study of content assurance using GovCMS sites

  • Requirement – A federal government agency with a large departmental site and a portfolio of smaller program specific sites was the focus of a significant policy changes brought about by a new minister.  As a matter of urgency all direct or oblique references to the existing policy framework needed to be altered to align with the new policy.
  • Solution – The agencies websites were onboarded to Codifynd as a single compendium.  A consulting partner assisted the agency in arriving at a set of keywords and program names that might be indicative of content that was related to the previous policy.  The consultants undertook due diligence in aliasing synonymous themes and named entities and then used advanced search to generate a comprehensive report of all content nodes across all sites that needed to be remediated.  The consulting exercise was undertaken in 2 weeks elapsed time in a context where the agency had previously required 3 months to complete a comparable exercise with conventional methods.