Academic case study of content analysis using literature review

  • Requirement – A post-doctoral researcher wanted to survey the scholarly literature on a particular specialisation and needed to rapidly narrow down the journal articles relevant to the research question from 1000’s of journal candidates.
  • Solution – Initial analysis of journal metadata on online journal repositories narrowed down the candidates to around 400 articles.  A Codifynd compendium made up of the abstracts of these 400 articles was generated based on the exported data.  The researcher initially used advanced search to identify abstracts that might contain themes relevant to the research project.  The researcher used the thematic network feature to identify synonymous terms and intersecting themes that might also be relevant.  After aliasing related terms, the researcher was able to narrow down the candidates to under 20 relevant journal articles.  Codifynd provided methodological support for the comprehensive and meticulous nature of the literature review.